Supporting Services

AIS, offer a range of educational services, including personalized tutoring, study skills development

and academic counseling, to cater to the unique needs of each student. Through our programs, we aim to instill a love for learning, promote critical thinking skills, and build confidence in students.

These services include English Language Learning(ELL), Education Support Services(ESS), Counseling and Health Services.

ELL is for students who do not have English as their primary language or may have to improve their spoken and written skills in English.


Students sometimes need additional assistance; working under close supervision, a quiet classroom to work in, or working on their organizational skills. ESS or Academic support is available to assist students in this regard.


Counseling is provided for all grade levels especially High School as they choose courses and apply to universities to further their education.

The school has an infirmary and a highly qualified nurse who is available to provide first aid for medical challenges students might have.

English Language Learning(ELL)

The English Language Learners (ELLs) Program assists students in their core curriculum studies and helps them improve their English language skills.

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Educational Support Services(ESS)

Academic Support is designed for students who do not have an identified learning disability but need some extra support in the classroom.

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Health Services

At our school, we are committed to fostering a healthy and supportive environment that promotes the well-being of our students. We believe that by addressing their physical, mental, and social-emotional health needs, we can empower them to thrive academically and become healthy, resilient individuals.

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Our school counselors play a crucial role in fostering a positive and inclusive school climate. They provide a safe space for students to discuss their concerns, whether related to academic difficulties, social interactions, personal issues, or career exploration.

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